About the Artist.

In 1962 in the bucolic region of Southern Indiana, a peculiar child was born and given the name of Steven Charles Gilberts.   Being the only Indiana bred person in a family of Wisconsin origin, this led to the unfortunate child being labeled "hoosier" by his extended family;  a group collectively known as "badgers", "cheese heads", and perhaps most frightening of all, Norwegians.

The first seven years of Steve's life were spent living at the River Ridge housing complex located on the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant property.  When not being subjected to clandestine government experiments, Steven roamed the karst landscape overlooking the Ohio River.  There, he collected toads and turtles, Devonian fossils, dodged coyotes and copperhead snakes, and lived in constant fear of the brown recluse spiders that were said to scuttle about the forest.  It was during these formative years that the artistic "bug" began to take hold of the unsuspecting lad.

In later years while attending Jeffersonville High School Steve began to hone his artistic skills.  After high school  he attended The Louisville School of Art from fall of 1981 until the spring of 1983 when the IRS closed down the college.  This brought him back across the river to attend Indiana University Southeast's fine arts program, which he participated in until the pesky need for money forced him to join the workforce full time.  This eventually led Steve to the seamy underworld of the printing industry. 

After spending one year too many watching his dreams get mangled between the rollers of offset presses or dissolve in pools of carcinogenic acetone, he realized a change was needed.  This led him to pursue a degree in Elementary Education.

After discovering that children were far too clever and dangerous for his fragile mind, Steve finally settled on a new course of action.  Go back to the original plan and pursue a career in art.  But to do this he would have to marry a beautiful woman with a good job.  The unsuspecting wife was procured and with this accomplished, he began to produce surreal art at a feverish rate.   He knew people would clamor to own a Gilberts original.

When people did not clamor to own a Gilberts original, Steve wondered if it was time to go back to the drudgery of the printing industry or get used to asking " Would you like fries with that?".  But taking one last chance he displayed some work at Rivercon 20.  His work was well received and with this sorely needed boost to his career (not to mention ego), Steve's journey into the world of fantasy and horror illustration was off to a start.

From 1995 to 2003 Steve focused on producing work solely for convention art shows.  In the summer of 2003 Steve gathered up his courage and made the foray into publishing, starting with an inquiry to Space and Time Magazine.  To his shock, Steve was given an assignment.  Now what what would he do?  Of course he did the right thing and accepted the job.

Steven and his lovely wife Becky now live in a spooky Queen Ann cottage within a small Dunwich-esk village of southern Indiana, near the now abandoned ammo plant of his youth.  While hiding from the townsfolk, Steven concocts odd illustrations for the small press industry.

About his art.

While his years in college were instrumental in learning the fundamentals of composition and design, the techniques Steve uses are self taught.

Originally he used the airbrush almost exclusively with detail added via pen and ink or colored pencil.  Around the year 2000 he began to experiment with dry brush techniques and later incorporated the use of acrylic washes.  His current work tends to be an amalgam of different applications blended to achieve a desired effect.

Steve's illustrations are primarily on hardboard (such as Masonite®) and to a lesser degree on illustration board.



Indiana University Southeast
New Albany, IN  47150
         Major:  Fine Arts and Elementary Education
         Dates of Attendance:  Fall, 1983 to Spring 1992

Louisville School of Art
(program absorbed by University of Louisville 1983)
Louisville, Ky,  40205
        Major: Fine Arts
        Dates of Attendance:  Fall, 1981 to Spring, 1983


Art Sanctuary Shows
          10th Soiree at the Felice Vineyards
          Soiree IX: The Yard Sale Edition held at the American Legion Lodge Post  201  on Bardstown Road
          Jeniccas  "Seven Deadly Sins"

Peter Jones Gallery
1806 West  Cuyler
Chicago IL 60613
 2005 Halloween Art Exhibit

Convention Art Shows
World Fantasy Convention Art Show (juried) 2005, '06, '07
World Horror Convention Art Show (juried) 2005, '06
GenCon Art Show  2006, '07, '08
Northeast Horror Writers Convention (Necon) Art show 2005, '06, '07, '08
InConJunction Art Show 2007, '08
Hypericon Art Show 2007, '08
MidSouthCon Art Show 2007, '08
ConGlomeration Art Show 2001, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08
ChattaCon Art Show 1996, '97, '98, 2004, 07
LibertyCon Art Show 1996, 1999
RiverCon Art Show 1995, '96, '99, 2000

Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center
Solo show 1998

Artisan Gallery
116 E. Market Street
New Albany, IN 47150
        One of five featured artists in the 1994 August through November Showing

Floyd County Museum
201 E. Spring Street
New Albany, IN 47150
        July Juried/Ohio Valley Annual  Exhibitions: 1988, '89, '91, '92, '99,  2000

Kentucky State Fair Art Show
1990, 1991, 2001


Apex Digest
B/w interior for issue #5.
Color cover and b/w interior for issue  #6
Three b/w interiors for issue #8

Bad Moon Publishing
Color cover, foil embossment, and b/w interior for Kealan Patrick Burke's "You In?"
Color cover, foil embossment, and two b/w interiors for Gene O'Neill's "The Confessions of St. Zach"

Black Petals
Color cover and b/w interior for issue #28, b/w interior for issue #29

Cemetery Dance Publications
Two b/w interiors for issue #54, Color cover and two b/w interiors for issue #55, two b/w interiors for issue #56, two b/w interiors for issue #58
Color cover for Norman Prentiss' "Invisible Fences"
Color cover, two b/w endpapers,  two b/w signature sheets, eight full page b/w illustrations, and six b/w spot illustrations for Simon Clark's "Butterfly"

Chaosium Inc.
B/w interiors for "The Stars Are Right" game book
Color cover and b/w interiors for "The Secrets of New York" game book
Color cover for "Arkham Tales"
Color cover for "Frontier Cthulhu"
Color cover for "The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson"
Color cover for William Jones' "Voodoo Virus"
Color cover for "The Necronomicon"
Color cover for Robert Bloch's "Mysteries of the Worm"

Corpse Magazine
B/w interiors for issues #1, 2.  Color back cover for issues #1

Cthulhu Sex Magazine
One of five featured artists for issue #21 Vol ll, one of the artists featured in issue #23 vol ll, color cover for issue #25 vol ll

Dark Wisdom Magazine
Two b/w interiors for issue #4, Two b/w interiors for issue #5, One b/w interior for issue #6, One b/w interior for issue #7, Color cover and b/w interior for issue #8, Color cover and b/w interior for issue #9, one color interior for issue #10, two color interiors for issue #11

Elder Signs Press
Color cover for Richard Lupoff's "Terrors"
Color cover for C. J. Henderson's "The Things That Are Not There"
Color cover for A. A. Attanasio's "Twice Dead Things"
Color cover for "High Seas Cthulhu" edited by William Jones

Fantasy Flight Games
Three cards for "Call of Cthulhu" collectable card game

Five Star Press
Color cover for Alan M Clark's "The Blood of Father Time" books one and two
Color cover for Edo Van Belkom's "Battle Dragon"
Color cover for Richard Park's "The Long Look"

LBF Books
Color cover and eight b/w interiors for David Lee Summers' "Vampires of the Scarlet Order"

Marietta Publishing
Color cover for C. J. Henderson's "Lai Wan: Tales of the Dreamwalker"

Naked Snake Press
Cover for William Jones' "Professor Pearson"

Necessary Evil Press
Color cover, color signature page, and four b/w interiors for Kealan Patrick Burke's "The Master of the Moors"

Padwolf Publishing
Cover for "Crypto Critters" edited by Bruce Gehweiler

PS Publishing
Color cover for Postscripts issue #16

Rainfall Books
Cover for David Conyer's "Cthulhu Australis"

Shroud Publishing
Color cover for issue #6

Space & Time Magazine
B/w interiors for issues 98, 100, 102, 104, 105

Wicked Karnival
Three b/w interiors for issue #7